How do I know if I Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Many people don’t realise just how serious STDs are and that they need immediate treatment to avoid further health problems. If you think you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, you need to get along to see a doctor to confirm whether you do in fact have one. The doctor would be able to carry out several simple tests and then recommend a treatment which normally involves a course of antibiotics if the infection is bacterial. However if you have contracted a viral STD, then things are a lot more serious.

Getting tested is essential because often there are no symptoms with STDs

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The problem is that you may not even know you have contracted an STD due to the fact that all too often there are no obvious symptoms. This means you might not even know if your partner is infected either. Anybody who is very sexually active should get regular check-ups with their doctors or at a clinic.

Some STDs Cause Serious Long-term Health Problems

If not treated and as quickly as possible, some STDs can cause very serious long-term health problems, some of which are infertility, pelvic inflammatory diseases and can cause complications when it comes to pregnancy.

Symptoms to Look Out For

A discharge from vagina or penis

You experience pain when passing urine

You find unusual blisters or sores around your genital area

You suffer a lot or mild irritation and itching in the genital area

You feel pain when you have sex

What Happens After Diagnosis

You would need to make an appointment either with your doctor or at a clinic and once a correct diagnosis has been made, the majority of STDs can be cleared up with specific medications which includes taking a course of antibiotics or there is a single antibiotic treatment available too. With this said, there are certain STDs which are a lot harder to clear up once they are in the body’s system. This is why it is so important that treatment needs to be started as soon as possible to avoid any long-term effects that can cause a lot of health issues. The thing to bear in mind is that STDs do not clear up on their own – they have to be treated with the right medication.

Anyone can have an STD and not even realise it

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Getting Your Facts Right & Taking Action

It goes without saying that practising safe sex is crucial although this will not guarantee that you won’t contract a sexually transmitted disease. You need to understand certain facts about sexual activity which includes the following:

Anyone can contract an STD the first time they have sex and at any time afterwards

You might have an STD and not even realise it which is why people who are sexually active should get a check-up on a regular basis or buy a self-test kit which can be purchased online

It is impossible to know whether your partner has an STD

It is possible for a person to contract an STD on more than one occasion

A person can be infected with several STDs at the same time


Because a person can have a sexually transmitted disease without suffering any symptoms whatsoever, it is really important to have regular check-ups with your doctor, especially if you are very sexually active and have more than one partner. You could also buy a self-test kit which you can find online. If you are diagnosed with an STD and undergo a treatment, you have to make sure your partner or partners are treated as well. Once the treatment is complete, it is also very important to be retested before you have sex again with anyone – you need to be absolutely sure the infection has cleared up and no longer in your system.


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