How to Buy Gonorrhoea Medication Online in the UK ?

It is possible to buy gonorrhoea medication online, but you need to make sure you source the treatment you need from a reputable online chemist, pharmacy or other type of supplier knowing that it will be dispensed and checked prior to it being sent out to you. Delivery has to be quick as well with most online chemists offering an overnight service on medication they send out to their customers.

Conjunctivitis like symptoms are typical signs of gonorrhoea

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Know What Type of Medication You Need

It is important to know what type of medication you need to clear up a gonorrhoea infection. These days you can obtain a Gonorrhoea Treatment Pack from reputable online suppliers. This particular treatment contains Azithromycin and Cefixime which are very effective antibiotics when used to treat the gonorrhoea bacteria.

This type of treatment is specifically formulated and prescribed where a more stubborn and resistant strain of gonorrhoea is the cause of an infection and is a single dose treatment which helps reduce the chances of a person developing any other long-term health issues.

A Confidential & Safe Way to Buy Medication

Buying a gonorrhoea treatment online offers people the chance to get hold of their medication safely and in a confidential manner with many websites offering people the chance to fill out a free online consultation form. If the site’s doctor approves the form it means a treatment can be sent out to them quickly with everything being handled in a very confidential way.

Once your order has been processed, you do have the option of either picking up your treatment from a local chemist or you may prefer to organise for the medication to be sent out to your address with most online suppliers offering a free overnight delivery service.

What Happens after You Have Taken the treatment?

Once you have received your medication and completed the treatment, you need to make absolutely certain the gonorrhoea infection has completely cleared up and that there are no bacteria left in your system. This is why you should take another STD test two weeks after you have finished your treatment. You can purchase a test kit online usually from the same site where you ordered your medication.

Being safe and not having sex until you have the all-clear is essential

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No Sex Until You Get the All-Clear

It is crucial not to engage in any sexual activity until you get the all-clear. This is why you should not have sex until after you’ve taken a second test to see if the bacteria have been completely cleared out of your system. Your partner would also need to be tested because the chances are they too might have contracted gonorrhoea even if they are not showing any of the typical symptoms associated with this particular STD. Your partner would also need to do a re-test, two weeks after they have finished their treatment to make sure there are no bacteria left in their systems.


Buying gonorrhoea medication online is a convenient way of obtaining the right type of treatment when you need it. However, you need to know the online supplier you purchase your medication from is reputable and that they operate in an acceptable manner. You need to know your symptoms will be correctly assessed by the online doctor so the right type of treatment is sent out to you in order to clear up the condition as fast as possible. Your partner too, should get tested and buy the right treatment online as well and you should not engage in any sexual activity until you both have the all clear there is no bacteria left in your systems.

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