Sexually Transmitted Disease Symptoms in Men

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted between people when they have sexual contact or activity of any kind with each other. However, STDs are often referred to STIs and although some conditions can be cleared up by taking a course of antibiotics, other STDs cannot be cured and are extremely persistent causing a person to suffer very debilitating symptoms. A sexually transmitted disease can be present in a person but show no symptoms whatsoever which means the STD can be passed from person to person without them even realising it. STDs are caused by micro-organisms namely bacteria, viruses and parasites and anyone who has more than one sexual partner should get tested on a regular basis to make sure they are not carrying any infections.


Practising safe sex is essential but you can still catch an STD through sexual contact

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Symptoms to Watch Out For

Over recent times a new strain of gonorrhoea has raised its ugly head and it’s one that scientists are calling a “super bug” because it is proving to be very resistant to all known antibiotics. Gonorrhoea is the most common of all STDs and has been seen to mutate in order to survive treatments. The condition is not fatal but it can seriously impact a person’s health which is why it is so important to have safe sex at all times and to be regularly tested.

STDs can often go unnoticed with symptoms that range from sores, pain when urinating to aches and pains which appear to be very flu-like. The thing to bear in mind is that STDs caused by a bacterial infection are treatable by way of antibiotics whereas viral infections cannot be cured. The two most common STDs seen in men are as follows:

Chlamydia – bacterial STD infection

The condition can be contracted through any type of sexual contact whether it’s oral, vaginal or anal. It can also infect a person’s eyes if they touch them after having sex with someone who is infected with chlamydia. The symptoms are very painful urination, a discharge from the penis, pain in the testicles and a sore throat which happens if a person has oral sex.

Having more than one partner makes a person more at risk of catching an STD

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Gonorrhoea – bacterial STD infection

In men the symptoms of gonorrhoea are different than those that women experience who often don’t suffer any symptoms of the condition at all. Men on the other hand experience pain when they urinate and often there is a discharge from their penis as well.

Aids – viral STD infection

Aids is a terrifying viral STD infection where a person’s immune system is seriously and irretrievably compromised. Acquired immune syndrome sees people suffer from all sorts of infections due to the damage caused by the HIV virus to their immune systems. Symptoms can start out flu-like in nature and these may disappear for years until full blown AIDS rears its ugly head.

Symptoms include fever, extreme weight loss, diarrhoea, fatigue and infections with some rare forms of cancer taking hold – namely Kaposi’s sarcoma. Pneumonia (PCP) is always a serious threat to anyone suffering with AIDS.


Although a lot of people think of STD prevention as something of a drag and boring, the risks involved in not making sure safe sex is practiced at all times could prove to be devastating. If you think you are showing any symptoms of either a bacterial STD or a viral one, you need to get yourself tested sooner rather than later. Bacterial infections can be cleared up pretty quickly if they are caught early enough by way of an antibiotic treatment. However, when it comes to viral STDs, things are a lot more complicated with no known cure being available.

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